The Largest Variety and Expert Advice

When it comes to clotheslines nobody knows more than RYHEN Outdoor Solutions.

Formally our company was Captain Clotheslines a specialty store that supplied installed and repaired clotheslines. These service are still a large part of our business but due to company growth and a larger product range we changed our name to represent this.

Because of our years of experience in the clothesline business we believe we can offer the best advice to choose the best new clothesline for your property.

We have the largest range to choose from. We can even do custom colors an sizes.

Our highly experienced and professional installation service can have your old line removed and new line installed hassle free.

To view our full range of clotheslines and spare parts click on

 Captain Clotheslines 


Clothesline Repairs

We can repair your old Hills Hoist so you don't have to throw it away.

Most clotheslines are ale to be repaired. We only use genuine spares parts but for some clotheslines not all parts are available anymore. Which may mean its time for a new line.

So don't replace your old clothesline until you speak to us to find out if we can repair it.

We also stock a large amount of spare parts in our shop if you would like to fix it yourself and where happy to pass on our experience to help.

 Clothesline Rewire

If your lines are looking a bit sad and loose then give us a call. We can replace the lines on any clotheslines to make it like new. We have years of experience and can have your lines professionally replaced in no time.